Honest partner and fiduciary.  Negotiate in Good Faith.  Certainty at Close.

Value Investors

Focus on "Margin of Safety."  Survival Under Adverse Circumstances.  Maintenance of Multiple Exit Paths.


Local Knowledge.  Experts in Creative Deal Structures.  Strong Track Record.  Extensive Network.


Value Investors.  All Asset Classes.  Investor and Operator.  Complex, Special Situations.


Development.  Asset Management.  Positioning.  Financing.  Property Management.

13th Floor Investments

13th Floor Investments is a vertically integrated real estate investment and management company based in Miami, Florida. Through our family of real estate fund vehicles, we acquire real estate assets, either directly or indirectly, by investing at various levels of the capital stack. We seek to invest in real estate assets at a cost-advantageous basis and drive value through a focus on operations and cash-flow management. Critical to our success has been the ability to invest opportunistically and to assume the role of both investor and operator, across all asset classes and stages of the economic cycle.

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