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13th Floor has historically invested in single property transactions, but has the capability to invest in multiple property portfolios and real estate-related operating companies.  The firm acquires and operates properties for its own account and actively invests in transactions with joint venture operating partners and third party borrowers.

Residential and all major commercial real estate asset classes located throughout the state of Florida are eligible for investment consideration including office, warehouse/industrial, retail, apartments, hotel/resort, land, for-sale residential, and mixed-use properties.

The common themes that underscore 13th Floor’s value-oriented investment strategy are illustrated below:


Pricing Advantages

Off-market transactions

Structured finance applications

Rapid funding requirements

Temporary market dislocations

Illiquid conditions

Complex tax, ownership or capital structures


Under-Performing Assets

Vacancy issues

Below market rents

Bloated operating expenses

Capital deficiencies

Reputational issues

Poor management


Compelling Event-Driven Strategies

New development

Renovation, redevelopment

Conversion, adaptive reuse

Consolidation synergies

Environmental remediation

Workout scenarios including bankruptcy, foreclosure or recapitalization