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With thoughtful analysis, creative structuring, and superior execution, 13th Floor invests in value-add and opportunistic transactions on behalf of individual and institutional investors.

Successful real estate investing depends on thorough analysis, not creative forecasts.  13th Floor believes good fortune in investing is the product of good thinking.  The firm’s goal is to apply disciplined bottom-up analytical procedures, sophisticated legal and financial structures, and proactive asset management to entrepreneurial transactions that possess a value-oriented investment thesis.  13th Floor’s singular focus is preserving capital while maximizing returns and minimizing risk.


The firm rejects transactions whereby the sole contributor to yield enhancement is the utilization of leverage.  Instead, 13th Floor targets underperforming properties that (i) may generate improved cash flow from the implementation of a clearly defined and well-executed operating strategy or (ii) provide compelling re-development optionality.  In addition, the firm seeks out temporarily illiquid situations and related pricing advantages that arise from distressed, complex, and dislocated circumstances.  This “value” philosophy fosters the creation of secondary and tertiary exit strategies for investments and moderates the impact of uncontrollable, adverse capital market fluctuations.